September 2019

5 tips how NOT to worry about BREXIT impact on your Wedding Abroad


Now is the time when many british couples start to plan their wedding abroad. Which country, wedding planner, wedding venues or vendors are not the main topic anymore. It’s the validity of the paperwork and what needs to be prepared and considered


You may hear an alibistic answer that noone knows..

I will take your worries away with just 5 easy explanations 😊


1.      WHICH LINE - even a Hard Brexit or lack of information after Brexit remember the following simple line:  You either stick with the EU line like at the airport or you use NON Eu line that tons of Americans, South Africans on Australians are already using and their wedding is still valid and recognized

2.      TIMING – no matter what happens, all countries in Europe to my knowledge have at 6 months or less legal paperwork validity – means JANUARY 2020 is the month when Summer 2020 weddings can start working on their legal paperwork anyway due to a paperwork validity limits, by than we will surely know what impact the way Britain leaves the EU

3.      ARRIVAL – most brides and grooms choose to arrive to their wedding destination 4-7 days in advance anyway so DON’T BUY your airtickets just know or

4.      ADD 2-3 MORE DAYS - to arrive earlier to your destination to allow cushion for potential local governments needs or wait with your time decisions until end of the year

5.      SYMBOLIC CEREMONY - no reason to panic if you later realize that due to Brexit-caused legalities change you cannot provide all documents/come to your wedding destination in time.Even before Brexit growing number of brides and grooms having their wedding abroad was chosing symbolic wedding ceremony/ religious church blessing and handled their wedding legal paperwork at home. Sign up here to receive more on Symbolic Wedding Advantages or watch my video about this topic. I had a great symbolic ceremony myself when I got married 3 years ago and it was just amazingly stress free

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Have a great day and I hope you find it useful



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